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Originally Posted by rpindy View Post
Is it smaller than NetBSD?
The OpenBSD project has fewer project developers than NetBSD.

The NetBSD project has had corporate sponsorship in the past by companies such as Wasabi & Wind Rivers who both were trying to capitalize on the name (& code base) in the embedded market. The OpenBSD project has never had corporate sponsorship throughout its lifetime outside of the DARPA grant.

Having watched the NetBSD Website fairly consistently for quite some time, it appears that they add new developers monthly. It can be surmised that with corporate sponsorship, the various corporations wanted a number of their staff to be able to commit code to the repository. My understanding is that NetBSD does not have currently have a corporate sponsor, but the project still adds to its ranks frequently.

The OpenBSD project doesn't duplicate this frequency. In fact, it appears that substantial code contributions have to be made before the OpenBSD project extends an invitation to join its ranks. Is one style better than the other? No, the projects just manage themselves differently.
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