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Question BSD on iMac G5 PPC

Hey guys

Allow me to apologize in advance for yet another "which BSD should I choose?" thread.

That being said, I have just dug up my old iMac G5 powerpc and I'm trying to figure out which flavour of BSD to install on it. I currently have both FreeBSD and OpenBSD running on two different machines and I like both of them a lot. Since the old iMac is the only desktop I own currently, I intend to set it up as a server which I should be able to ssh to on occasion when I need to access anything back home. I would probably also use it as a desktop when at home sometimes, so being able to run a few linux-programs would be a nice addition. Since the internet in my current apartment is being upgraded so we get static IP's and possibility of opening whichever ports we want I thought now would be the time to set up a server.

Since I sometimes work as a freelance programmer for different clients, and the server might contain code for various projects, security is of course a big priority.

So, does anyone have experience with the different BSD's on powerpc hardware? What works? What doesn't?
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