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Well, I may be very lazy these days but you can blame that on my primary BSD machine having a Sempron Mobile with 512MB DDR instead of a Core 2 Duo with 1024MB of DDR2 ;-)

I normally delete everything (saving changed conf files), then reinstall it with newer packages and ports. Because of the Sempron I usually use packages as much as possible for larger applications rather then ports; backed up packages also help.

In the past I always used portupgrade but got rather tired of it. Now're days, if I was to use ports for _everything_ I would likely adapt portmaster.

I keep a list of programs I want (e.g. pidgin, xgalaga, gimp, etc) and use it to handle the task.

My intention is soon to be placing it fully into automation with backed up and pre-fetched packages. The test machine runs a much faster setup (Pentium D, 2048MB DDR2) so I sometimes will create packages updated on it and transfer them over to the laptop for installation.
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