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Originally Posted by Business_woman View Post
How often should you rebuild all your ports?
I would only do this after major branch switches (such as if you moved from FreeBSD 6 to 7). Other than that, I have never just recompiled all ports.

Originally Posted by chill View Post
Hi I am still kind of new at using FreeBSD so I was curious about everyones favorite way of updating/upgrading their ports.
Portmaster! Portmaster! Portmaster! I also occasionally use pkg_cutleaves to make sure I don't have any excess junk. I switched to portmaster about 18 months ago and it is fantastic. I really like how it does all the 'make config's (that blue screen where you pick the port's compile options) at the beginning, so you don't end up half-way through a compile stopped at a blue screen while you are AFK.
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