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Originally Posted by BSDfan666 View Post
Is it sad that I hope we still are?
Of course not.
As long as we can still run without X how bad could it be?

It is sad that the hardware doesn't age like cool bikes and cars.
Everybody cranes their heads when a World War II vintage Harley Davidson goes putt putting down the road on a quiet saturday afternoon.

It would be so nice for old 386s to be like that 20 years from now.
"Ooh. Look. No fan!"
"Yes. That's a genuine SGI sonny. Ahh. When I was a lad ..."

I suppose that's the main reason that support for older architectures can be eventually dropped - attrition finally gets the most diehard machines.

As long as the BSDs keep moving with the hardware (no matter how hard it is ) we should be fine.

Best wishes.
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