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The results can vary greatly depending on the compiler version and flags used as well as the program used for tests.

For example it seems like indeed OpenSSL test for DES gives slower results in 64bit however I recently wrote a program using Perl with Crypt-DES, and it definetely works magnitudes of faster on 64bit. I didnt take time but on 32bit it was visibly few times slower. (the program was suppose to crack a des encrypted file and it could do it way faster on 64bit)

So few programs maybe get screwed 1%-2% on the speed (especially synthetic benchmarks) but most can and do greatly benefit from 64bit. If you can find some benchmarks which show that the results from those real life programs from the benchmark results I posted are working slower on 64bit, then one of the benchmarks would be wrong of course but we are comparing apples with oranges here. 2 different set of results from few different programs does not really show the overall performance of a real life situation.

If in doubt, do your own tests. You cant really trust a 3rd person's tests. You cant imagine how many times I made some tests which were flawed for one or another reason and realized it later that I made some mistakes.
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