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I find it odd that you are having network performance issues with VMWare ESXi + FreeBSD.

I've had excellent luck with it, both VMWare ESXi and VMWare Server (windows as the Host OS). With VMWare server on windows I saw 5 to 8 MB/sec from a FreeBSD 7.0 webserver and on VMWare ESXi, I saw it max out the theoretical bandwidth after protocal overhead on the NICs that were available. (Same FreeBSD 7.0 webserver.)

If there's anything I can do to help compare your system to mine, please let it be known. (I'm pretty new to FreeBSD and 'nix in general but I'm willing to help as much as I can.)

Just watch out for the time issue, it's nasty!

As for security as a border firewall/router... I can't speak for it in either way as I've never dabbled with a virtual guest as such. I can see a few cases where it would be feasible, but you'd need some pretty bulletproof VLANs and other nasties.
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