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Originally Posted by Yuka View Post
I find it odd that you are having network performance issues with VMWare ESXi + FreeBSD.

I've had excellent luck with it, both VMWare ESXi and VMWare Server (windows as the Host OS). With VMWare server on windows I saw 5 to 8 MB/sec from a FreeBSD 7.0 webserver and on VMWare ESXi, I saw it max out the theoretical bandwidth after protocal overhead on the NICs that were available. (Same FreeBSD 7.0 webserver.)
I think my concern is less about throughput than latency. I don't need any extra lag from my router when I'm playing some Team Fortress 2, after all!

I've decided I probably won't lug home one of these old dual-PIII servers - the power consumption would probably make me regret it! What I will do is look at putting together a whitebox than can run ESXi - I really like it as a test environment.

In the meantime, I have an old Dell GX240 that I can try as a pf box. Maybe once I get an ESXi box I can replicate the setup onto a virtual machine and compare network performance.
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