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Default msk(4) Driver

Although I am relatively new to BSDs, in general, and have been sinking my teeth into OpenBSD, I want to try out FreeBSD; I just want to get acquainted with the ways different BSDs handle.

The one question I have, with FreeBSD, is with concerns to the msk driver for Yukon-branded network cards: my laptop, which I will be trying FreeBSD out on, has a Yukon 2-FE (88E8040..?) LAN card, which is supported by OpenBSD's msk driver, but FreeBSD's does not support it. I have installed FreeBSD 7.1, but the card just simply isn't supported.

In that OpenBSD's msk driver supports it, and FreeBSD's doesn't, are there any steps I could take to using OpenBSD's msk driver in FreeBSD, or at least getting my network card working in FreeBSD?
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