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Thank you for your response, BSDfan666! I had a strong suspicion that an OpenBSD driver would not pan out in FreeBSD, and your response solidified that suspicion.

There are a myriad of Google results, when searching for "freebsd yukon 2 fe", that all point to the same mailing list archive concerning the FreeBSD msk author's (Pyun YongHyeon) attempts at a patch for the driver, but those archives date back to July 2008, and if I have read correctly, it seems that there was no successful patch for the FreeBSD msk driver.

As for lucking out with the 7.2 release, I am downloading it just to see if it will work (gotta love high-speed connections at work), but it still seems as though I will be SOL.

What's the policy on taking code from the OpenBSD driver and porting it to FreeBSD?
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