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Default more than four primary partitions?

Maybe this is a general question not related only to OpenBSD (4.5 release), but since I'm running OpenBSD I'll still post here.

I finally made up a reasonable set up in my new Tinkpad, keeping Vista (sometimes you can't really do without Windows, especially when some friends cannot understand why a computer should run a different OS...), shrinking it with gparted and installing OpenBSD.

The problem:
Now I have four primary partitions in mbr, three of them are taken by Vista and Lenovo stuff, one is for OpenBSD. I left quite a lot of space free, thinking of making an ext2 partitions to share files between Vista and OpenBSD. But I see that fdisk only has four slots. In Vista, the free space is recognized, and maybe I could format it to ext2, but then will OpenBSD see it?
At the beginning, I also wanted to install Opensuse, which I tried in qemu, and quite like it, so just to give a try to linux. But I see that linux makes even more partitions inside mbr, so that then OpenBSD's fdisk does not see all the partitions.
Although I've read some wikis and tutorials on the web, I think I still miss some basics. Will something like gag solve this kind of problem? (I presently use Vistas boot manager).
But again, will OpenBSD see a partition that exceeds the fdisk's four slots?
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