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Originally Posted by gosha View Post
I've just tried to play with fdisk on an old usb stick, and I start to understand how it works.
For the extended partition I should choose "Extended LBA" (id 0F), right?
That appears to be the agreed upon value, you can use to "setpid" command to change the type of your existing OpenBSD partition.

EDIT: @IdOp: That may be wrong, OpenBSD calls 0x05 "Extended DOS" and 0x0F "Extended LBA", considering LBA is the modern way of addressing disks.. this may be the preferred partition type marker.

EDIT2: OpenBSD appears to treat both values identically, so it doesn't matter.. it always checks for DOSPTYP_EXTEND and DOSPTYP_EXTENDL which are defined as 0x05 and 0x0F in /usr/include/sys/disklabel.h.

EDIT3: OpenBSD does not support an extended partition type id of 0x85, (Linux extended).

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