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We use the Dell D630's at work (which i selected and about 6 D830's for the CAD persons), i also have a MacBook Pro and an older HP (dont recall model) for support purposes, i am not allowed to bring my own equipment as it is a Crown network with government data and such.

We recently switched to all the new Dell servers as well, still running about 6 older Xeon based HP/Compaq 4U rack mounts, and about 28 new Dell 1U and 2U rack mounts, in 3 different cities VPN's together, working great.

I LOVE Dell's services, incredibly great it really bumped then up in by coorporate books, i have also personally owned about 3 dell laptops, i was quite happy with them all. Dell has shipped me overnight parts with great phone service to boot, allowing me minimum down time, and great turnover.

I have also had the privilege of dealing with IBM/Lenovo (with a gold partner contract) at my previous employer, and also the other big manufacurers as well, daily.

HP services is god dam horrible gold partner or not, they actually told me to call the gold partner number (which i always do) once to "help" me, i told them i did call that number, they said hang up and try again, no transfer or nothing, geez even Microshaft will transfer you...

I do realize that this may not have much to do with laptops, but i'm just sharing experiences and reading others's experiences.

Lenovo's do seem to support the BSD's great from my experiences, that is why i've been sticking with them for about 2 years now, i have tried MANY other laptop manufacturers even on my 6th Apple laptop(sold one with XP Pro on it NO boot camp, just XP drivers, SOOO many ppl said "you can't do that" no MacBook for you foo)

Ima go check some other posts,
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