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In re-reading this thread, you mention testing with both 5.6-release & 5.6-stable, & it appears you have spent a considerable time thus far, & it does appear this needs to be brought to the attention of the project developers. However, OpenBSD 5.6 is several months old, & the source code under scrutiny by the developers today is nearing six months past the time 5.6 was tagged in CVS. Formally reporting with 5.6-release or 5.6-stable as test cases, while useful, is not as important as testing with a recent snapshot of -current.

I would suggest the following action:
  • Install a recent snapshot of -current & test again. The first question the project developers will ask is, "What is the behavior seen in an installation of -current?".
  • Thoroughly report to the developers the results seen in -current. Again, the relevant page to look at is:
Good luck.

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