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Originally Posted by JWJones View Post
Howdy! I just recently installed OpenBSD on...
I haven't decided yet whether I'll put a DE (Xfce, if so), WM (Openbox), or just go with framebuffer + tmux.
Recognize that the fvwm(1) window manager is installed by default when the X filesets are installed. The Calm window manager (cwm(1)) is too. More information on OpenBSD's customization of X (called Xenocara...) can be found in Section 11 of the project's official FAQ.

The environments described (Xfce, etc.) can all be found as officially available packages to OpenBSD. More information can be found in Section 15 of the FAQ.

In general, the FAQ document is the single best source of information for newcomers to OpenBSD running the latest release.
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