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Originally Posted by chuckdevguy View Post
I'm going to look into how to use tcpdump since you mentioned it. Never tried it before.
This gives me the opportunity to plug a wonderful book: Michael W. Lucas recently published Networking for System Administrators. Check out the reviews -- none less than 5 stars.
You may recognize his name, as he's published a number of well recognized FreeBSD books, including Absolute FreeBSD, FreeBSD Mastery: Storage Essentials, and the very recently published FreeBSD Mastery: ZFS. With "N4SA" at hand, not only will you learn about tcpdump(8), but you'll learn a lot about the rest of network management, problem source identification, and how to speak to network engineers with their terminology.
...maybe someone can try to time their results to their own email if running 10.1-rel ?
Maybe. But I think you'd have better luck with tcpdump traces, which log to the microsecond. I can't recreate your problem, as I've never used FreeBSD, and haven't used sendmail in many years.
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