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Originally Posted by snes-addict View Post
I was just about to say that. However, I did not realize it was BSD-Licensed. Google seems to turn up nothing, and I can't find the license in the OpenBSD source tree.
As with many programs, the copyright is appended to the header of each source file..

The majority of which are ISC licensed, the authors being:
Copyright (c) 2002 Artur Grabowski <art AT>
Copyright (c) 2002 Federico Schwindt <fgsch AT>
Copyright (c) 2002 Jean-Francois Brousseau <krapht AT>

Also, I'd like to correct my prior post.. pmdb(1) does work, but I forgot about the ptrace(2) requirement, I'm pretty sure the GENERIC kernel does not have PTRACE compiled in by default.

EDIT: For sake of correctness, the license on a few of the files is 2 clause BSD, which.. the ISC is an equivalent of.
EDIT2: Here I am, demonstrating my ignorance.. PTRACE is part of GENERIC, the pmdb(1) bugs I'm seeing may genuinely be bugs.

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