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I realize the patch does not show the full source for the file. Am I missing something?
  1. In order to apply the patch, you'll need that source.
  2. Few developers are active on this forum; and only a small subset of the developers work on crypto components.
  3. In my opinion, you might get better results by discussing your concern either on the misc@ mailing list; or perhaps contacting the patch author directly -- Damien Miller (djm@).
Ocicat jumped in while I was typing. He may be right that tech@ is more appropriate, as yours is a code-specific question. But I wouldn't post there, myself, unless I was including a patch along with my post. Of these two mailing lists, misc@ seems more applicable for questions, tech@ for patches for testing and analysis.

Personally, I would probably just contact Damien directly if this were my question.

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