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Default Firefox alternatives for Unix-like OS

We're veering off-topic in the Firefox 38 in multiple permutations thread, so I thought I'd start this one.

Originally Posted by fn8t
I guess that there is Icecat and GNUzilla.
Yes. A couple of years ago or so I tried Icecat under Linux and it was a disaster, so I gave up. But things may have changed and it's worth keeping in mind.

Very recently I played a bit with QupZilla. I found it to be stable under Linux, and although it has its quirks, intriguing for my use anyway. But what about BSD? There is a FreeBSD port -- haven't tried it. I compiled it under NetBSD 6.1.5_PATCH i386. The compile went nicely, but it segfaults like a drunken sailor. I don't know about OpenBSD, there appears to be no port of it. So it may have some potential, at least as a mid-range browser, but needs work yet.

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