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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
So what do you use if I may ask? WebKit based browser even worse crap IMHO. Opera is dead. Is Konqueror still active? I see some recent releases. Ideally we could use Netsurf but there are quite a few basic features that needs to be added for usability starting with better JavaScript support.
With some caveats, www/xombrero is nice. My morning routine is to check the news, BSD sites and suspect webmail and Xombrero does this quickly and efficiently.

Setup is easy. Copy /usr/local/share/examples/xombrero.conf to ~/.xombrero.conf and edit it to set home page and browser preferences. You can block javascript, flash (-> /dev/null) and autodelete history on closing.

I enabled javascript. I can periodically delete session history with <alt+h> and accumulated cookies with <alt+j>. <ctl+t> opens a new tab and <ctl+r> will refresh. It supports rotating useragents and your choice of search engines. The authors are OpenBSD contributors.

The syntax for Bookmarks ~/.xombrero/favorites <alt+f>is simple
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The only downsides are that it starts but does not finish loading websites on i386 systems with limited memory and the /usr/local/share/xombrero/xombrero.css had a bug that upstream fixed after the ports freeze. The fix is to replace the file with a current one from the projects git repository. On my modest amd64 5.7 system with 4GB ram I can make it core dump watching a long HTML5 video on youtube. This also happens with FF.

I entered this post from Xombrero

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