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Default The many ways of running Firefox on OpenBSD
Maybe i haven't talked about it enough on the lists, but since i've been maintaining the various mozillas in the portstree (cvs log says i started around firefox 3.6.something... 7 years ago. *sigh*) a lot of things changed, so i wanted take the 6.1 release as an occasion to sum up the various ways one could run which version of which firefox on which version of OpenBSD.

First, and this has been the case for a few years already, these days I only target amd64 and i386. It's been "fun" for a while but now it's impossible to keep up with macppc and sparc64, although Martin Husemann from NetBSD still manages to run recent firefox on sparc64, i gave up on this - even *running* firefox on an i386 netbook with 1Gb of memory is unbearable. Sad state of affairs.. and on top of this, the recent dependency on rust also limits the amount of platforms firefox could run on, since rust only works on amd64 and i386 for now (thanks to the insane amount of work by semarie@ !).
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