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Hi jggimi

Thank you very much!

Now i removed all user-defined entries from "/etc/rc.conf", and created a new file "/etc/rc.conf.local" with one entry:


...then i will not use the "dbus_daemon" entry anymore, and the hostname thing should not be a problem - so i don't use it anymore!

Yes, there was also a problem with the "gnome-session" (and its dependencies "gnome-shell" & "zenity") while installing the gnome-package. so gnome-session was also not installed - similar to the yelp package.

# pkg_add -v gnome-session
Update candidates: quirks-2.367 -> quirks-2.367
quirks-2.367 signed on 2017-10-15T14:54:24Z
Can't find zenity-3.24.0
Can't find gnome-shell-3.24.3p1
Can't install gnome-session-3.24.2: can't resolve gnome-shell-3.24.3p1,zenity-3.24.0

- in "/usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes" i see some manuals:

avahi-0.7p0              glib2-2.52.3             gtk+3-3.22.21p0          upower-0.99.4p1
consolekit2-1.2.0        gnupg-2.1.23             ibus-1.5.5p5             xdg-utils-1.1.2
dbus-1.10.22p0v0         gtk+2-2.24.31p1          sane-backends-1.0.27p0

- the gdm command doesn't seem to exist ("not found"), nor "gdm", neither "gdm3". Does also not exists when i enter it in capital letters. must be a problem with the "gnome-session" package, right?

In this thread, they write we have to use "startx" for starting the gui:

"To launch Gnome, you don't need gdm, just :
# startx /usr/local/bin/gnome-session"
How to install the "gnome-session" package, do i need to compile it by myself? (that should (theoretically) not be a problem, im a software developer...)
Regards, Jan
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