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Originally Posted by jmar83 View Post
Hi jggimi

Thank you very much!
No, don't thank me. jmar83 reminded me that gnome-session is a requirement in order to run Gnome.
While it is possible to build the gnome-session package on the sparc64 architecture, it is not possible to install it. On OpenBSD, build and run dependencies are considered separately.
Gnome is a very complex suite of integrated applications, and unfortunately, not all of those necessary to run Gnome can be built on sparc64. And when there is one missing dependency, it affects everything that is dependent upon it.
...then i will not use the "dbus_daemon" entry anymore...
The name was changed to messagebus in 2015. You will see messagebus provisioning mentioned in the Gnome README.
- in "/usr/local/share/doc/pkg-readmes" i see some manuals....
Only packages that have OpenBSD-specific documentation will install a README file. The GDM package does not include a README.
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