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Thx guys!!

Gnome is not a problem for a Sun Blade 2500 or Ultra45 (both of them have 2x 1.6GHz Sparc CPU) But if it's not available on sparc64 for OpenBSD...

In Debian Wheezy i also used Gnome, it seems it works in a "compatibility mode" (It looks similar to Gnome from Debian Squeeze or Lenny - no special graphic effects. If i install Debian Wheezy & Gnome on a "modern" x86 Laptop, the Desktop looks very different. I think that "compatibility mode" is similar to Gnome2...?)

"Originally Posted by jmar83 View Post
I also have a Blade 2500, and it's really loud.

And im not 100% sure it is possible to reduce the noise by software/os in general. Maybe it is also not possible with solaris. (?) But i know that it is possible on a Blade 2000, which is much more louder than a Blade 2500 Silver.

And i also think the Blade 2500 Silver is more a Server than a workstation. The original SCSI disk are very loud too. (I replaced it by a big IDE disk - no problem to boot with IDE. But debian Wheezy has a strange "race condition" by booting from IDE, sometime it works, sometime not... Best linux for Blade 2500 Silver seems to be Debian Lenny if you need a GUI, otherwise (for server applications) Debian Squeeze. (which i currently use as an ISCSI target for backup purposes - works well ))
Regards, Jan
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