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Default Wireless networking xor battery monitor

I recently installed a 4.5-beta snapshot on my trusty HP Omnibook, and found that everything (including Atheros wireless with WPA) worked nicely except for the battery monitor. Then BSDfan666 chimed in with a tip for disabling apm in favour of acpi. I followed his advice and was pleased to note that klaptop (the battery monitor in KDE) began working!

However, that pleasure was short-lived when I later noticed that my wireless network interface, ath0, no longer existed. Wondering whether the lack of ath0 was related to the lack of apm, I rebooted with apm left on. And sure enough, ath0 was back. I then rebooted with apm disabled once more, and sure enough, ath0 had gone AWOL.

This is quite a dilemma. It seems I am forced to choose between wireless networking and a functioning battery monitor. If truth be told, I'm reluctant to do without either feature.

Advice and suggestions welcome!
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