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Thanks Ocicat , enlightening and zen-short ..
Thanks Thirdm , enlightening and stream-of-counsciousness that reminds of woolf and joyce .. while reading your post I remembered a friend of mine who bitterly had to divorce visual basic as he had to move to unix .. in fact despite being myself a total newbie it was me who introduced him to BSD World the way Enkidu introduced Gilgamesh to the world of Mortality and its Consciousness .. and here is where the shoe pinches , isn't it futile to learn sth you cannot use at a certain point in time .. some of you Nerds might argue that learning *any* prog-lge is advantageous in that it enables one to understand prob-solving dynamics and procedures and syntax and such .. isn't this a relative truth that occurs only in kingdoms like LISP or PROLOG .. while not feasible as far as VB & ASP are concerned ..
as a newly-enamored bsdfan and as a non-programmer , I expect from a prog-lge to open up a door to contribute sth to the ZEN OS and its community ..
.. I voted for c here
still , I am not sure if c is the right for me as a zero-stage-newb ..
I feel I still need clues from the experienced folk .. to start correctly .. and contribute ..

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