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Hmmm, I decided to try actually running this xfce thing this morning and realized what I built wasn't the meta package but only one component named xfce4-desktop. I'm building the meta package now.

My version of pcre is pcre-8.30nb2. I'll let you know if I have problems.

One thought, have you tried pkg_rolling-replace on pcre? I'm thinking something like the gtk example in the man page, e.g.:
$ pkg_admin set rebuild=YES pcre
$ pkg_rolling-replace -rsv
Now when I do this I end up having to force the installation of a package or two along the way using pkg_add -D on the package just compiled. I'm a little fuzzy on the reason that's needed, being pretty new at DFBSD and pkgsrc myself. From the man page description of -D I guess maybe it's to tell pkgsrc to trust you about temporarily breaking an installed package that depends on the package you're updating until rolling replace gets around to rebuilding that package. But it seems like something pkg_rolling-replace ought to handle itself without the manual intervention.

I dunno, honestly, I'm starting the slow process of seeing if I can live without a packaging system at all, so perhaps I'm not the best one to give advice, being something of a whacko on this topic.

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