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Not sure if you're still trying this, but I should point out above where I wrote pkg_add -D I should have written pkg_add -Au (Or just -u if it's something you want marked as manually installed). I'm hoping I may have something to avoid that problem (which I admit was not your problem), at least when I do bmake upgrade. Not sure it will help bmake replace and pkg_rolling-replace. I'll only know for sure next time I update packages:

1. Set UPDATE_TARGET=bin-install
3. Set BINPKG_SITES to nothing (unless you want what's on the ftp sites).

Also in my most recent upgrade cycle I happened on a useful thread for understanding the difficulty involved with pkg_rolling-replace. These two Greg Troxel posts, along with quotes of Alan Barret are particularly useful, but the whole thread is worth reading:

Also see the pkgsrc guide and wiki (just saw the wiki now -- looks very useful):

What the wiki and the thread above make clear is that pkg_rolling-replace is not meant as a reliable way for a user to upgrade without trying to work out what's going on when there's a problem and tweaking it to get over the hump. So the sorts of failures you were having maybe are to be expected and you have some puzzle you need to solve to get through it. It's either that or wipe clean your packages and reinstall them.

I think next time I may use pkgdepgraph to see if what I want to upgrade (based on security updates and staleness of what I really care about) has a single root dependency or two and then do a bmake update on that dependency instead of using pkg_rolling-replace. This replace target, not sure I want to have to deal with its limitations more than necessary. Is it a useful exercise to understand these pkg dependency issues in depth? Maybe once or twice, but after that I don't see how you're learning anything useful working through these issues.
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