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Originally Posted by DutchDaemon View Post
I just more or less copied your setup, although my local delivery agent is procmail. What procmail does it this:

This is in /var/mail
lrwxr-xr-x   1 root      mail        15 Jan 10 22:28 BOGUS.root.NQR -> /root/mail/root
-rw-------   1 root      mail      1093 Jan 10 22:29 root
In other words: symlinks are not acceptable to procmail, which moves the symlinked mailbox out of the way, adding 'BOGUS' to its name, and recreates a mailbox called 'root' where it delivers the mail to.

Based on that I'd say symlinking a mailbox from /var/mail, even with correct ownership and privileges, is not possible.

Interesting. I have created a new file "root" in /var/mail with the appropriate permissions to see how sendmail and savemail react.

I suspect the conclusion here may be that I made a foolish administrative decision when I set up this system at home - I made /var its own 100MB partition, while giving around 50GB to / and 230GB to /usr. Clearly I should have given more space to /var...

Having seen that sendmail dislikes symlink files, I wonder if I could get away with a symlink directory instead? Perhaps it would be worthwhile to make a varmail directory in /usr, that /var/mail points to as a symlink itself? Then I could move all the mailboxes from /var/mail to /usr...
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