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Originally Posted by clovis View Post
does people who run open/net believe r 'superiors' than free users?

We are not going to get into a flame war. This site has traditionally avoided such pointless arguments, & we are not going to start now. If you have a constructive question to ask, start a new thread. Pose questions responsibly.

Each member of the *BSD family has their advantages, disadvantages, strengths, & weaknesses. The major projects have had time to create their own identities & cultures. As such, each has become different & unique from the others.

Those that want to compare should take the time to install each & examine in similar environments. Compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges. This makes for an informed opinion, not one biased by others' prejudices.

The decorum we attempt to maintain is described in the Forum Rules & Info. Reviewing is recommended.

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