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Originally Posted by TomAmundsen View Post

I am having trouble connecting to my home's wireless router with my FreeBSD laptop. On the desktop that has the main-line internet connection, FreeBSD could easily connect.

However, when I try to search for a DHCP server with the laptop, it seems like it doesn't find anything. The 'Network Configuration' page comes up with everything blank. So, I just copied all of the information from the configuration on the desktop, and that didn't work.

I know that my wireless card is configured correctly. I ran ifconfig, and it is configured as bfe0, but the status is "No carrier." I am not able to ping the router.

Does anyone know what might be going wrong?

You need to associate with an access point before you can use a Wireless interface.. otherwise how would you differentiate between your network and a neighbours?

As mentioned, bfe(4) is not a wireless interface.. with that said, it's probably an unused Ethernet port.

Post the output of ifconfig so we can determine more about your current configuration... a dmesg would be nice too.

Please contain the output inside [code][/code] blocks..

Originally Posted by TomAmundsen View Post
I called Linksys and asked them if they could help, but they couldn't, since it is FreeBSD.
Yeah, that's not a viable way of support... unfortunately.

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