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Default OpenBSD 5.5 snapshot/Gnome 3.10.2 config issues

This morning I did a fresh install of 5.5 snapshot, with Gnome 3.10.2, and I have a couple of issues I can't resolve:

1) suspend/resume when closing/opening lid: even though I have uncommented machdep.lidsuspend=1 in /etc/sysctl.conf, this isn't working.

2) How do you change the settings in gnome weather? I want my settings in Fahrenheit rather than Celsius.

3) Bunched up icons: see screenshot - icons are screwed up, I have to go into "Display" settings, change to a different screen resolution, and then change back to native 1280x800 to get them to display properly.

4) Edge scrolling and horizontal scrolling: in the touchpad settings, I have a setting for two-finger scrolling, but nothing for edge scrolling or horizontal scrolling. This is a simple matter in Xfce, but not Gnome? WTF?

Oh yes, still on my ThinkPad T61.

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