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Originally Posted by Oko View Post
I hate to be the spoiler but most BSD users believe that bash stands for "broken again shell" with despicable security record.
That's probably a fair assessment. However, as I explained in the other thread, I originally wrote this on a Linux machine. I've since updated the script to use ksh since it works in that shell, too.

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Also when it comes to batch image processing GraphicsMagick beats ImageMagick by a mile.
Thanks for the tip. I'll post an updated version of this script once I've taken time to RTFM. It seems gm convert doesn't have exactly the same options as convert.

Originally Posted by Oko View Post
Personally I consider ImageMagick a viral GNU dependency just like bash, gmake, autoconf, and CUPS.
I never worried too much about that when I was using Linux, but now that I've switched to BSD I suppose I should be more careful. Thanks for taking time to examine my little script.
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