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Terry Zink published a 5-part article on IPv6 Email on MSDN in 2012. Part 2 was Why we use IP blocklists in IPv4, and why we can’t in IPv6.
Originally Posted by Terry Zink
...To put it one way, there are 250 billion spam messages sent per day. Under IPv6, spammers could send out 1 piece of spam per IPv6 address, discard it and then move on to the next IPv6 address for the next 10,000 years and never need to re-use a previous IPv6 address....
The TL;DR of the series is that only whitelisting will be effective, rather than blocklist/blacklists.

Zink foresees manual greylisting (website form-filling with captcha) to consider new whitelist memberships, which I believe would be unworkable at any sort of scale, and is only possible if those seeking whitelisting use static addresses. If autoconfiguration privacy extensions are deployed, even whitelisting is a non-starter unless one whitelists the 64/ subnet.

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