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Originally Posted by JMJ_coder View Post
It does seem that NetBSD is seriously contemplating moving to in an upcoming release.
I would be surprised if changing over to as the default version of X happens this quickly, but the following information is now a year old.

XFree86 has continued to be used as the default installation because it is well known, well used, & it has been well vetted for all platforms. has not. & as of a year ago, there were significant problems with using it on all platforms -- problems to the extent that the package maintainers were speculating that it could possibly be years before it would become the default version of X. This isn't to say that modular isn't stable on some platforms, but the NetBSD elite have to take into account what happens on all supported platforms.

Personally, I never had problems with modular on i386, but being the dominant port has its advantages & privileges.

Finally, I'm not sure what the current talk is on when the next version will occur, so modular could still beat it.
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