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There was an interview done with the NetBSD 4.0 developers in January of this year. One question was on X, and the response was:
Which X Window System is included in NetBSD 4.0?

Matthias Scheler:
XFree86 4.5.0.

The XFree86 Project has unfortunately lost a lot of momentum. NetBSD is currently in the process of switching to the X11 distribution. We initially tried integrating the monolithic distribution into our xsrc source tree. But it never reached a state where it worked on all platforms and supported cross builds via

After the project changed to a modular distribution, it was obvious that pkgsrc is the best way to integrate X11 in the future. There is ongoing work mostly by Joerg Sonnenberger to make modular X11 in pkgsrc cross-buildable. When that work has been finished and properly integrated with the system installation, the XFree86 distribution in xsrc will probably be retired.
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