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Originally Posted by m3t4tr0n View Post
Having only used FreeBSD, would I be better off getting the more up to date Design and Implementation of the 4.4 BSD Operating System or the more out of date Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System?
You have these backwards. However, the following:

...sports a copyright date of 2010. This is misleading given that this appears to the 4.4BSD hardcover book simply being re-released in paperback. This book is not being advertised as a second edition, so I don't suspect there is any new/additional material.
I'm making an assumption that knowing 4.4 BSD will also give me a more versatile understanding of the BSD OS.
4.4BSD is older than 386BSD, but FreeBSD is based on both. While reading any book is better than not reading at all, you will probably identify more with the FreeBSD volume than with the 4.4BSD title. Note that there is overlap between both books (I own both...). So, depending upon how much minutiae you want to explore, I would still point you towards the newer FreeBSD tome.

Those who are fans of OpenBSD and/or NetBSD would probably get more out of the older 4.4BSD book as compared to the FreeBSD-specific version. OpenBSD-types might also find the following thread useful for book recommendations:

...although the thread is six years old.
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