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Originally Posted by c_moriarty View Post
When I had NetBSD installed, I just let the vulnerable packages be installed and waited for at least 3 days and nothing had changed except one update to Python, which still left it with a vulnerability.
That seems like a very dramatic difference in response, to me.
How many of the vulnerabilities are in core NetBSD? Do some research...

Search CERT for vulnerabilities. I just did, and here are the numbers:

Vulnerability warnings:
OpenBSD - 295
Solaris - 306
NetBSD - 319
FreeBSD - 389
Mac OS X - 397
Windows - 1110
Linux - 1400

Or perhaps the National Vulnerability Database:

OpenBSD - 165
NetBSD - 186
FreeBSD - 432
Solaris - 680
Mac OS X - 1450
Windows - 2600
Linux - 3462

Which one looks better now?
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