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>oliver you seem me a lot arrogant, don't exist a system perfect, so better avoid fan-boy.

Now that I call real nonsense. I'm a Linux (Slackware) and *BSD(OpenBSD/FreeBSD) user and I was a member of the DesktopBSD team, a long time ago I was even a happy Irix UNIX user (in the early 90s). Just because I don't hate Linux I'm a fanboy?

You're in the wrong community it seems:

-Linux is for Windows-haters. Indeed they don't like anything apart from Linux.
-BSD is for people in love with UNIX

>but if you want a serious OS

That's true for every OS used on a server or e.g. on a scientific workstation. I do know even many FreeBSD admins that administer their very own ports-tree to avoid the usual bleeding-edge-character of the ports.
use UNIX or die :-)

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