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Originally Posted by mynameisjohn View Post
...I have an issue with the fans blasting at full speed.
The number of regulars at this site is relatively small, & the number of people working with Apple hardware is smaller still. Having read the project's ppc@ mailing list for years (although with mis-categorized traffic bleeding into misc@...), Apple historically tweaks hardware throughout the production run of all models. Has this been fully addressed in the hardware complement you have? I don't know.

I have the following two suggestions:
  • Install -current, & see if fan problems persist. If you do ultimately file a bug report, the first thing the developers will be interested in determining is the behavior seen with the latest code base. Development on OpenBSD 5.3 ended nearly nine months ago. Development on OpenBSD 5.4 ended a couple of months ago.

    If you are unfamiliar with -current, study Section 5.1 of the official FAQ.
  • Posting to the official ppc@ mailing be more in order as well as filing a bug report. Information on filing can be found at the following:

    Information on subscribing to the ppc@ mailing list can be found at:

    What you are wanting is to get to the correct audience. This site doesn't have a significant number of Apple users to properly address your questions.
Feel free to post any follow-up questions, but again, the number of people with experience running OpenBSD on Apple hardware on this site is very limited.
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