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Originally Posted by Nirbo View Post
Why? Because the Ethernet through USB is so dang slow, and the DVD-rom drive (SATA) is loading the install disc perfectly, but not being detected after this Effectively making CD/DVD install impossible, and FTP install annoying, heh heh.
Hmm, that is annoying and it should be fixed by now. During the 7.0-CURRENT, the kernel didn't yet support SATA optical drives (printed a message in dmesg saying that even) but it does now. I had to install CURRENT from an NFS mount because I'd get all the way to the media selection and it couldn't detect a drive. None of the FTP servers in the list had the files for what I was trying to install, so I had to copy the CDs to one of my Linux boxes and mount it for the install. I have my SATA controllers in AHCI mode... it may have worked in IDE mode. (didn't try it).

7.0-RELEASE installed just fine for me, from my SATA DVD drive though. Fully supported now... I've even got CD/DVD writing working through through the atapicam scsi emulation interface.
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