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Thanks for posting that, I enjoy seeing others setups. You have any general recommendations for good brands of switch (second hand is fine) for a home environment like this? As for the modem, i've bought a draytek vigor 120 adsl modem (the only true ethernet modem I could fine) to connect my alix box up to the internet, but unfortunately with where I live I'll never have the connection speed required to do fun things like serving up images - my upload speed is appauling.

Anyway, the good news folks is that I've reimplemented the bridge and the vether device, and it now all works exactly as I'd hoped. For anyone from the future stumbling upon this post, the magic was in modifying the pf.conf, which is now:
set skip on lo
ext_if = "urtwn0"
match out on $ext_if from !($ext_if) nat-to ($ext_if)
pass all
So, it was a pf problem all along...
Now, I'm chuffed to bits as I can get back to reading the Book of PF and learning how to secure this thing.

Thanks so much for all your help
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