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Originally Posted by sepuku View Post
I noticed that with the old case the label was 'i' and now is 'c'.
Background information, which may help:
There are two levels of partitioning a drive with the i386 architecture: MBR partitions, stored in the Master Boot Record, and OpenBSD partitions, created within the OpenBSD disklabel.

At boot time, or at device attach time, if there is no disklabel on the drive, a virtual disklabel is created in memory. The OpenBSD kernel will add any foreign MBR partitions it recognizes as mountable to the virtual disklabel with unassigned letters, starting with partition "i".
It appears that your MBR partition table is now empty, because the disklabel shows only the "c" partition, the entire physical drive. Possible causes might be:

  • The electronics of your new case have reassigned drive sector numbers, rendering pre-existing data on the drive difficult or impossible to retrieve.
  • Your MBR sector was damaged and reassigned to a spare sector by drive electronics.
If it were me, I'd be using dd(1) with hexdump(1) to inspect the first set of sectors of sd0c to see what's on it, with something like:

# dd if=/dev/rsd0c count=63 | hexdump -C | less

Based on what I saw in that output, I would determine next steps.
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