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While it may not work for everybody, this is my very specialized setup...

I have a seperate /www filesystem. /usr/home/<username>/public_html is softlinked to /www/<username>. Inside /www/<username> is a directory for every domain each user has under their account.

The reason for this is /usr/home/<username> is generally chmodded 700 (or 750 with a very restrictive group assignment), so apache (which is running as it's own user/group) would not access anything within the directory.

/www/<username> is generally 750 with the owner as <username> and group set to apache's group. The domain folders below this directory are generally 750, however they can be set 755 and group set to user's primary group (to allow CGI scripts run through suEXEC to run directly in the web root).

Apache's DocumentRoot is /www, and each <VirtualHost> is set DocumentRoot to /www/<username>/<domain>.
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