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Originally Posted by ocicat View Post
Newcomers & long-time users alike should keep in mind the need to purchase the official CD sets as this is the primary means the OpenBSD project uses to support itself. We all need to be reminded that the OpenBSD project receives no corporate sponsorships. Continuance of the projects highly depends upon these sales.

The sticker set coming with the official CD sets are really cool too!

Another way of contributing is donating a small amount of money on a monthly basis.
From :

Recurring PayPal Donations

OpenBSD now also supports recurring payments each month. Consistent donations let us worry less about fund-raising and focus more on development. You can become a member by clicking on this button (you will need a PayPal account):
You can cancel your subscription at any time by clicking this button and follow the instructions. [unsubscribe]
I only have a small part-time job (8 hours a week) at the minimum wage.
Instead of buying the delicious apple pastry from C1000 (4 pieces @ euro 0.50) every Saturday, I now only do it twice in the month and donate the saved amount + 1 euro for the paypal costs on a monthly basis. Besides helping OpenBSD, it also helps me to keep my weight down
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