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Originally Posted by daemonfowl View Post
Is there anything wrong with this :
You will be doing everyone (including yourself...) a great service if you would provide a diagram of your network. This is discussed in the "perfect newbies" thread you should know better than your name at this point. We certainly have pointed you to it for guidance countless times. We do so for a reason.

Your network topology is a complete unknown at this time. No one has any clue as to what you have connected to what, why it is done as it is, & whether any decisions made here adversely affects transmission rates.

I have the suspicion that to both understand & solve this problem you need to simplify the network -- just connect the "server" to a "client" using Ethernet. As it is, there are too many unknowns involved, & you have a very bad habit of not disclosing vital information until we have beaten the problem senseless. Wasting time might be minimized if you would simply state necessary details up front. Again, the thread referenced above can serve as a guide.

One of the things you should take away from this message is that one proven technique to problem solving & troubleshooting is to simplify the problem down to the simplest configuration which still exhibits the problem. This eliminates variables which have no effect early on, so time is not wasted chasing irrelevant details. Anything you do at this point which eliminates clutter & unnecessary details will make this process go much quicker.
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