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Default messed up Acer Aspire One install

I just bought an Acer Aspire one 725 (netbook type lappy) that I wanted to put OBSD on. The computer doesn't have a CD-reader so I tried to install from a USB flash stick following this guide:

It booted into the installer fine. And I played around a little with the shell (fdisk and disklabel, since I wanted to use a softraid encrypted disk).
After messing around for a while I figured out what to do.
Making some mistakes here and there I figured it would be best to just start the installation over... the first mistake.

This being the middle of the night, and me a little more than tired i just typed 'reboot' into the shell, and just expected the installer to come up again in a minute.. but it wasn't to be.
Now I can't get further than boot> prompt on the install media.
It outputs:
booting hd0a:/bsd: and a line full of numbers..
..and then nothing.

I've rebuilt the install media 2 times, doing fsck's all the way through so that's not the issue.
I can't understand what I can have messed up besides the default linux install on the HDD, but what's on the drive shouldn't matter for the installer to boot?

If you've made it this far then my obvious question to you is, what now? Pull the disk from the netbook and do an install on it in an other computer? Pour gasoline on it and let the fucker burn? Punch myself?
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