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Originally Posted by kiimao View Post
I'm sorry if my rambling was unclear, I never finished the install (although the installer might have thought so since I issued the 'REBOOT' command...
There is a reboot(8) command, & information presented to the user as the end of installation explicitly asks for this command to be executed. Given your comments made here, I am less certain in intuiting what you have done & knowing whether this can be resurrected.

My suggestion to you is to ignore disk encryption for now as you familiarize yourself with the installation procedure. Again, Section 4 of the FAQ is the best guide for learning & explanation of installing OpenBSD 5.2.

And to help you minimize the frustration & anxiety associated with being new to the OpenBSD environment, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the entirety of the FAQ now is time you will save on countless questions & issues.
I guess this might be more of an hardware issue than an OBSD one?
My suspicions are that the procedure used to encrypt the disk was mangled. Again, I recommend following the information presented in the FAQ until you have more experience.
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