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1. when i install freebsd 7.0 on my laptop acer 5583 nwxmi when i type halt -p it's only shutdown the system, not like in my pc it shutdown completely is this normal ?
halt -p should powerdown your computer, unfortunately this doesn't work for all mainboards because of ACPI differences/perks.

2. i use wi fi alot on my laptop, my wifi is intel pro 3945 and freebsd 7.0 seems not detected it at all. Where can i get the driver ?
Yes, the wpi(4) driver, which is included in FreeBSD.

3. i use marvell yukon ethernet 88e8030 in my laptop and i have download the driver from the package is "installbsd70x86v10.51.2.3.tar.gz" how i install it ?
Doesn't the msk(3) driver (Again, included with FreeBSD) work?

In any case, you can extract this archive with:
% tar xf installbsd70x86v10.51.2.3.tar.gz

4. i need pspp 0.6.0 for my last work before i graduate but i see only pspp 04.0_1 on freebsd port can you help me
math/pspp is at version 0.6.0, you probably have an out-of-date portstree.
See chapter 4.5.1 of the FreeBSD handbook for instructions on how to update your ports tree.
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