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You don't edit label "c".
Label "c" is a virtual label, containing the size of the slice. The sizes of each "c" label should be the same as reported by fdisk

To be able to mount labels "d" of slice 1 and 2, they need to contain a filesystem, in other words they need to be formatted.
# newfs /dev/ad4s1d
# newfs /dev/ad4s2d
WARNING: this will destroy any data that these "d" partitions may contain.

After the newfs, you should be able to mount these "d' partitions manually
# mount /dev/ad4s1d /mnt
You now should be able to run
df -h
and see the size and other stats of this "d" partition.

I would suggest to create two directories, unmount the currently mounted one (ad4s1d), and manually mount on these directories
# mkdir -p /350gb /50gb
# umount /mnt
# mount /dev/ad4s1d /350gb
# mount /dev/ad4s2s /50gb
Rerun mount and df -h commands to check. Only when everything is OK, only then modify "/etc/fstab" and reboot
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